How To Pick An Air Rifle For Hunting – Calibre

How do you pick out an air rifle for hunting?

Many people are probably asking themselves, can you hunt with an air rifle? And the short answer is yes, you can. However, if you are going to get an air rifle for hunting, then there are a few things that you should know about, chief of which is what kind of air rifle for hunting that you should get. Different kinds of air rifle calibers, for example, are going to excel at different things.

If you ask several hunters with compressed air, which is the best caliber for hunting, surely you will get more than a dozen different opinions and maybe a nosebleed after the heated discussion! It is an old debate without an end in sight. The truth, however, is that it is no good or bad for hunting but all have different characteristics and results in which they stand out.

Output speed

Before throwing ourselves into calibers, as hunters have to understand a little about ballistics and how it applies to game hunting. The kinetic energy of a body is that energy it possesses due to its movement. The kinetic energy of a bullet for compressed air weapons is determined by an equation involving the weight of the bullet and its output speed.

Caliber .177 / 4.5mm

For a long time, the caliber .177 was the most common and popular. It is very cheap to shoot and is available anywhere where air rifles are sold. The caliber .177 can work well for hunting, but there are a couple of limitations to understand if you decide to choose this caliber.

This small caliber comes in a variety of weights ranging from 7 to 20 grains being between 8 to 10.5 Grain more common and useful for hunting. Because 4.5-caliber air rifles are capable of firing at very high speeds; that translates into a flatter trajectory for the bullet, any shooter generates a great advantage, however, comes against that this caliber is not able to handle the wind with the same ease as another of greater caliber.

Caliber .22 / 5.5mm

As popular as the .177 caliber these days, the .22 caliber has been one of many hunter’s favorites for many years. This caliber that weighs between 14 and 30 Grains can be found in infinite models.

The caliber 22 excels in hunting applications due to the increase in weight and diameter. The heavier ones create larger wound channels in the animal, as well as deliver considerably more terminal energy.

Due to the weight of the 22 gauge, it is able to go against the wind better, allowing it to make shots at longer distances.

Caliber .20 / 5 mm

The caliber .20 is undoubtedly one of the most forgotten calibers in the niche of air rifles and without a good reason! In essence, the 5 mm is the happy midpoint between the .177 and .22 calibers. It offers a flat trajectory similar to that of 0.177 with braking power of 0.22. Unfortunately, this caliber is not so popular, you will find that not many rifles are offered in caliber .20 as not many varieties of pellets. They are harder to find, and thus you may have trouble searching for this kind of air rifle caliber for hunting.